The Starship Enterprise

Kit: AMT-Ertl
Size: 18 inches long
1/650 scale (based on conjectural ship length of 970 feet)
Completed June 13, 1993

   Not counting research, experimentation and two road trips to see the real thing, I spent at least fifty hours building and painting (and stripping and re-painting) The Starship Enterprise over the course of three years. Some accuracy errors remain but it's a big improvement over what the kit provides.

The Starship Enterprise

The name plaque was engraved by Ed Dietrich of Andrew Lundy Associates.

Enterprise, top, behind

This is my third time building an AMT Enterprise and,
ultimately, my fifth time painting one.

Enterprise, bottom


Shot on location
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Enterprise with Star

Beauty shot
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A gallery of photos of the Enterprise model intended to re-create scenes from classic Star Trek episodes.

Famous Spaceships of Fact and Fantasy . . . and How to Model Them; edited by Harold A. Edmondson (first printing: 1979; second printing: 1996; Kalmbach Books); "The Ultimate Starship" by Richard Van Trueren, p. 72

Fine Scale Modeler, Vol. 11 No. 2, Feb. 1993: "Parafilm 'M' - the latest word in masking" by David Lennox, p. 30

The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry (1968, Ballantine books)

Ships of the Star Fleet Volume One, (1987, Mastercom Data Center)

Star Fleet Technical Manual and Star Trek Blueprints (1973, Franz Joseph Designs)

The Enterprise NCC 1701 and The Model Maker, N Datin McDonald and Richard C. Datin, Jr. (2016)

AMERICAN SCIENCE and SURPLUS (3605 Howard Street, Skokie, IL 60076): "Bag o' LEDs," AC adapters

ANDREW LUNDY ASSOCIATES (Ed Dietrich, Jamaica, NY): Engraved display plaques

BARE METAL FOIL (available at local hobby shops): Aluminum foil model finish

DECALEX (no longer available): Aftermarket decal sheet

EVERGREEN (available at local hobby shops): Styrene: sheet, strip or scribed

PLASTRUCT (1020 South Wallace Place, City of Industry, CA 91748): ABS tubing

RADIO SHACK:  Phone jacks and plugs, switches, wire

WALTHERS, INC. (Available at local hobby shops): Model train lamps, clear decal film

WOODLAND SCENICS (available at local hobby shops): Dry transfer striping

Roy Fortunato:  

Rob Lind: Two road trips to Washington DC just for a plastic model!

Jeff Pollizzotto, Tony Bretone and Alan Terry: You were the mentors and I was the mentee.

Ed Dietrich: For a good dose of inspiration.

Ed Miarecki: For providing me with research, insight and hospitality.

Morrie Meyer: Thank you Mandrake, wherever you are!

Sharon L.: For being supportive and putting up with my occasional single-minded obsession with whatever it is I happen to be obsessing about at the moment.

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