It's known to most people who paint that some paints are incompatible with others, that one type of paint should not be layered over another. Well, a known fact to most painters. Being fairly new to spraying acrylics and also being in a hurry, I took a chance, paid the price and learned from the experience.


   Using a mini spray gun, the model was was painted with several heavy coats of an overly complex mix of Tamiya acrylic colors. In an effort to get the model finished quickly and as simply as possible, Krylon Matte Finish, an acrylic clear coat in a spray can, was sprayed over the paint and decals before they had time to dry completely.

   Just because they're both called "acrylics," doesn't mean they play well together. The model looked great while the clear coat was still wet. These photos show how it looked the next morning.

Nasty, nasty, nasty!

   Arrows in above photo show where the paint actually lifted off the primed plastic. Smaller decals like some of the rectangular "windows" and the small number decals seen at the bottom of the image above, actually floated on the matte finish layer while it was still wet and shifted out of position. Paint was flaking off the model in the lower left.

   The Krylon Matte Finish was absorbed by the decals, causing them to swell. When it dried, the decals shrunk creating separation marks at the edges. Some decals, like the "U.S.S. ENTERPRISE" marking on the top of the saucer split apart, seen below. The lighting really shows off the "orange-peel" texture of the paint towards the lower left corner of the image.

Let this be a lesson to ya!

   I was devastated when I saw what I had done. I put a lot of time into modifying, lighting up and building this model and was very happy with what I'd done. By being in a hurry, I ruined it at the very end of the finishing process. I had a decision to make: fix it or forget it.

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