This Old Starship Kit


   I've messed up models before. I've even seriously messed up a modeling job before. In some cases, the model would get re-worked if the re-working wasn't much trouble or too time consuming. Otherwise, the model would wind up being discarded, broken apart for spare parts or put away to deal with "some other time."

   To re-work the failed paint job on the Enterprise, it would be a lot of trouble and it would be very time consuming. Still, I was so pleased with the build and the way the lighting worked out that I thought it would be a shame to leave the model looking this way. It took two years to get up the nerve to finally do something about it.

    The entire surface of the model was sanded, in some areas down to the bare plastic. Once I was satisfied that the model had been sanded smooth enough, I was ready to start repainting. I planned on not repeating my previous mistake. I also decided to rethink how I wanted the Enterprise to look.

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