The need or desire to superdetail every model, often at the expense of completing any.

From Fine Scale Modeler magazine's "Scale Modeling Glossary" (Nov. 2011)

Bell X-1
EB-29 Mother Ship

   This would eventually be a vignette depicting the launching of the Bell X-1 rocket plane from the B-29 "Mother Ship." Academy-Minicraft's 1/144 scale B-29A Superfortress kit is being converted to the carrier ship with a scratch-built X-1 in the same scale.

   The project was started in 1999. The X-1 was completed one year later and can be seen HERE. It has a pair of tiny ceramic magnets built into it to hold it in the B-29 launch bay. (It works!) The B-29 has a completed launch bay and new engine exhausts were cast out of resin. I also received really nice Alps-printed decals for the Mother Ship nose art from Mark Fergel of PCModeler.com. The decal was printed from the artwork below.

   The B-29 may one day be finished. My motivation is that I already made a really nice display stand for the pair, seen in the image below.

   As is the case with many scratch-building projects, there is now a molded plastic kit of the X-1 in 1/144 scale. Also available is a cast-resin conversion kit for the B-29 Launch Bay and nose art in the same scale.

   This resin kit of the little robot from the 1972 film Silent Running is by Posigrade Creations. This model was started in 2001 and is very close to completion.

   This is Lindberg's kit of the sleek X-Plane, started in 2008, also close to being completed. Instead of using the kit's decal sheet, markings were created using basic drawing and word processing software and were laser-printed onto clear decal film.

The Flying Sub
from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
   Moebius Models originally produced this 3 inch long kit to be boxed with their big Seaview and later released it as a stand-alone kit. This model needs just a little clean-up to be finished.

   Polar Light's 11 inch Enterprise kit is being built into a 1/12 scale model of the Enterprise studio model. While my bigger AMT Enterprise is a depiction of the fictional starship seen on TV, this would be a replica of the 11 foot long model which spent its less-than-5-year mission on a filming stage in Hollywood.

This is Round2 Polar Lights' kit of the famed Bat-Car. It is currently and slowly being worked on.

   And then there's "The Pile." Many scale modelers have one. This is the collection of un-built model kits that just gets bigger every year. (My collection is pretty small compared to some other modelers.) I think this is a pretty complete list. I'll add others as they're found.

ston Martin DB5, 1/35 scale

AMT (Polar Lights):
Saturn V Rocket and Apollo Spacecraft, 1/200 scale

Atomic City
EVA Pod 1/32 scale from 2001: A Space Odyssey (resin)

North American X-15, 1/144 scale

Fantastic Plastic (resin):
2001: Space Station V,
1/2800, 1/2100 or 1/1400 scale from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Preview)
Starduster (from the 1960s cartoon, Space Angel)

GEOmetric Designs/Max Factory Custom Craft:
Cyclops from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (vinyl)

Government Issue (Squadron):
Thermonuclear Rodeo from Dr. Strangelove (90mm resin figure)

F4U-1D Corsair, 1/72 scale

Apollo-Soyuz, 1/100 scale

ED209 from Robocop (vinyl)

Millennia Models International (resin):
ALF TOS (Captain Gordon T. Shumway)


Batman (Adam West), 1/8 scale
Space Clipper, 1/200 scale (2001: A Space Odyssey)
The Mighty Kogar/Tracy the Gorilla (1/12 scale)

New Ware
Titan II - Gemini, 1/144 scale (resin)

RealSpace Models:
Soyuz Spacecraft, 1/72 scale (resin and photo-etched brass)

Round2/Polar Lights:
U.S.S. Enterprise, 1/1000 scale (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
U.S.S. Enterprise, 1/2500 scale (Star Trek: Discovery)

Skyhook Models "Pocket Models" (resin):
Day the Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet "Mini C-57D"

Stargazer Models:
Aries 1B, 1/144 scale from 2001: A Space Odyssey (resin)

Special Hobby:
Bell X-1A/C, 1/72 scale

Unknown (bagged kits with no labels):
Batman and Robin (1/25 scale resin and white metal to go with the Batmobile of your choice)
Romulan Bird of Prey (1/1000 scale resin from Star Trek: Enterprise)

Victoria Miniatures:
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!, 28mm, 1/58 scale

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