Bell X-1

Size: 3 inches, 1/144 scale
Completed in 2000

Glamorous Glennis

   This little X-1 was scratch-built using a 3/8 inch diameter wooden dowel for the fuselage and 0.020 inch thick sheet styrene for the wings and tail. Nose and wing-tip probes are 0.024 inch brass wire tipped with styrene shavings for probe sensors.


   Most of the markings were made by photocopying 1/72 scale drawings of the X-1 from Aerofax Datagraph's Bell X-1 Variants at 50% onto decal film. National insignia are from another 1/144 scale aircraft kit. The wind screen was airbrushed on and the windscreen straps were drawn on decal film and applied over the windscreen.

Aww, it's so cute!

X-1 in flight over Rileyville, Virginia.
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