The Starship Enterprise

Kit: AMT-Ertl
Size: 18", 1/650 scale (based on conjectural ship length of 970 feet)
Size: 18", 1/7 scale (based on studio model length of 11 feet, 2 inches)
Completed: June 13, 1993

Tutorial: Reworking AMT-Ertl's Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise

The Starship Enterprise

   This is a highly modified build-up of AMT-Ertl's classic Enterprise kit. Nearly every part was re-worked or replaced with scratch-built parts. Lights are a combination of model railroad bulbs, LEDs and fiber optics. The model is powered by 6 volts, supplied either by an external source or by four C-batteries held in the base.

Enterprise, top, behind

Windows and many markings are home-made decals while
some markings are from Decalex's aftermarket decal sheet.

Enterprise, bottom

This model was originally completed in 1991, then stripped
and re-painted in 1993 due to a paint compatibility issue.

Click HERE for a tutorial on how this model was reworked,
built, lit-up, painted, stripped, reworked again and repainted.

Shot on location
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Enterprise with Star

Beauty shot
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A gallery of photos of the Enterprise model intended to re-create scenes from actual episodes from the TV show.