Heller's "Module Lunaire" 1/100 scale
Realspace Models' "Apollo CSM" 1/96 scale
Kit Review: RealSpace Models' Apollo CSM

   This is Heller's molded kit of the Lunar Module and RealSpace Models' resin kit of the Command Service Module. The Lunar surface display base is a 6" by 9" flat Space Base. Both models include some scratch-built parts.


    This little LEM was built with some modifications and scratch-built detailing to make it resemble Apollo 11's Lunar Module, Eagle. The ascent stage was covered with Bare Metal Foil. The descent stage was covered with Rolo candy gold foil wrappers.

another side

   This Block II Command/Service Module is a resin kit from RealSpace Models. It was built with some scratch-built parts including the high gain antenna, the reaction control thrusters and the docking adapter. 

   Markings for the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia and its Service Module are from an aftermarket decal sheet by Space Model Systems.

   A review of the CSM kit can be found Here.

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