Millennium Warthog

The Warthog
  The name stuck. The 24 inch long Warthog was based on original drawings. It was scratch-built by covering a balsa wood hull with plastic detailing from stock material and spare parts. Lighting operates on four separate circuits for the fusion engines, the hyperdrive, the forward sensor and the windows with a total of eighteen light bulbs. All little goodies that look like they should swivel around do.

The following photos by Rob Lind

  Items used to detail the Warthog include kit parts from a 1950s Willy Ley Moon Lander, a battleship, a motorcycle, a Star Trek Enterprise, an R2-D2, five or six assorted tanks and a whistle from a Crackerjack box. Other parts include a pair of flashlights for the fusion engines, above, and a plastic shot glass poking out of the top of an armored military vehicle for the conning tower, below.

Take me to the bridge!

Photographed on location

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Image by Vince Fortunato


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Top Plan

Bottom Plan