In 1975, shortly after I'd built my second Enterprise, I met Roy Fortunato, an amateur filmmaker (also known as a guy who has a camera). Roy heard through an acquaintance that I'd built a few Star Trek models and asked me if I'd be willing to provide them for an amateur film project. He had no story written yet but was open to any input.

   It's safe to say that a good number of sci-fi and fantasy scale modelers dream of one day seeing their work in a movie or on video. I was no exception. I was on board before Roy finished asking and handed him a story idea a few weeks later.

  Star Drek was filmed in Super-8 Sound and was finished in 1977. Roy directed and shot over an hour of footage and edited the entire movie single handedly. The budget consisted of whatever was in our pockets at the time. The cast and crew were paid in pizza.

  Models used include AMT's Enterprise, a Klingon Battle Cruiser ("D-7" to you Trekkies out there), a U.S.S. Enterprise Exploration Set (which included a toy size Phaser, Communicator and Tricorder), a three inch gaming miniature of the Enterprise by Gamescience and an AMT K-7 Space Station built and painted by Roy. Other props included a globe from a ceiling lamp, a wad of newspaper wrapped in kitchen foil and an almost full-size replica of the Enterprise's Navigation Console made from recycled refrigerator cartons and assorted greeblies.

   Star Drek runs about 12 minutes and has all the things you'd want in a Star Trek episode. This includes a really cool looking beam-down sequence, some Klingons and a guy in a red shirt. It ends with a climactic space battle set to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries with phaser fire and people falling out of their chairs.

  Roy and I made Star Drek with a very silly sense of humor and had a lot of fun in the process. (We make no claim to "production values.") It was shown locally, playing in basements and back yards throughout the south shore of Western Long Island. It also resulted in a lasting friendship.

   The AMT Enterprise model used in the movie has since been referred to as the Star Drek Enterprise. It's currently on a shelf, displayed alongside the rest of my models. Maybe one day, it too will be on display at the Smithsonian.


The Rigelian ambassador.

The Enterprise in orbit around the planet
Trapezoid in the Keggereis star system.

The Enterprise navigation console and the Astrogator. It's
amazing just how good construction paper looks on film!

Beaming down to the planet.

Somebody's gotta take a hit for the team. Guess who?

Aaaaaaaugh, Klingons!

(Insert your favorite dramatic music here.)


Hello Lieutenant Matt, wherever you are!


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