1/8 Scale

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

SCT full
SCT close-up
   This 9 inch tall SCT was modeled after commercially available Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes popular in the 1970s and 80s. Built in 1984, it was scratch-built from styrene, ABS and polycarbonate plastic. Details were made from spare model kit parts.

   It features a real mirror with internal baffles, drive corrector with joystick hand controller, additional eyepiece in the accessory tray and an equatorial fork mount that rotates in both Right Ascension and Declination.

SCT back
Damn, you've got big-ass hands!
photo by Rob Lind

Newtonian Telescope
Photos by Rob Lind
   This was modeled after the Newtonian reflectors that have been a mainstay of amateur astronomy for a very long time. It features a real mirror and a German Equatorial mount that rotates in both axes.

Dobsonian Telescope

   This little Dobsonian reflector was made from balsa wood and a toilet paper tube. The focuser and Telrad are made from plastic stock and spare model kit parts.