1963 Oldsmobile Starfire

Kit: "1963 Oldsmobile Starfire" by Jo-Han
Size: 8.5 inches, 1/25 scale
Completed in 1988

This IS your father's Oldsmobile.

A more honest rendition than the artwork on the kit's box.

Don't laugh, your daughter might be in this car!

Modifications were made with a Dremel rotary tool and a Bic lighter.
The wire-hanger radio antenna is made from 0.008 inch guitar string.

Low mileage...gas mileage, that is!

The body and interior colors are Krylon spray paint.
Details, rust and mud splatter are Model Master enamels.
The bumper sticker is a Woodland Scenics dry transfer.


Photo by Vince Fortunato. Click for a larger image.