Kit: Estes' "Mercury Redstone" (converted)
Size: 4", 1/35 scale
Completed July 9, 1990


Friendship 7
   This Mercury Capsule was built using an Estes flying rocket nose-cone for the outer hull. The front, rear and lighted interior were all scratch-built and markings were home made decals. Construction was based on an article by Ken Brill in Fine Scale Modeler magazine, October, 1987.

Spam in a Can

the other side

   The heat shield is heat-formed styrene. The retro-pack is made from a section of 1 inch diameter acrylic rod. The retro-rocket nozzles are vacu-formed styrene. The straps are made of masking tape and sheet styrene. Both the hatch and window were cut out and shaped with a file.