Starfleet Redshirt

Kit: "Ensign Brownfield: TOS Redshirt" by Millennia Models International
Size: 1/35 scale, figure would be 2 inches tall if he was able to stand
Completed: Dec. 7, 2013


1. easily replaced  2. not worth saving  3. not meant to be saved  4. meant to be used and thrown away  5. the guy in the red shirt


He's dead, Jim.

He's dead, Jim.

Poor guy didn't even make it to the opening credits.

   This is a single-piece resin casting by MMI of Canada of an unfortunate Starfleet Security officer. The entire  piece is about 2 inches wide. The phaser next to his right hand is one-quarter inch long. The piece was painted with Tamiya acrylic paints and detailed with Model Master enamels.



Hello Lieutenant Matt, wherever you are!