Kit: Lunar Models
Diorama Size: 18"
Completed: October 12, 1997

Life Restoration

   This is  Lunar Models' resin kit is based on the famous mural in Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, painted in the 1930s by Charles R. Knight.

Knight's original artwork
Knight's original painting
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Knight's Triceratops
Both Dinosaurs were re-worked slightly. The Triceratops' frill spikes were
rounded over and its mouth, which was way too wide was shortened.

Knight's classic Tyrannosaurus Rex

   As cast, the kit made the T-Rex appear to be looking down instead of at the Triceratops. To fix this, the head and neck were cut off with a band saw and glued back on, higher up on the shoulders. The neck-shoulder joint was blended with 2-part epoxy putty.

   The snout had a very rounded shape which made the face look like an old shoe with teeth. The upper jaw was tapered towards the front and the snout was re-sculpted with epoxy putty to more closely resemble T-Rex depictions in other paintings by Knight.

   The T-Rex's skin was originally wrinkled like an elephant's, similar to the appearance of the skin on the Triceratops. The wrinkles were filled in with putty and smoothed out. The skin was then re-textured with layers of paint to more closely resemble the Tyrannosaurus in Knight's painting.