Bell X-1
Kit: Tamiya
Size: 6", 1/72 scale

   This Bell X-1 is from Tamiya's model kit built with some slight modifications including a scratch-built engine section. Other additions include a pilot figure modified from another 1/72 scale aircraft kit and Chuck Yeager's broom handle. The model rests on a custom-made stand.
Glamorous Glennis



  The above photo shows the pilot figure taken from an Airfix Avro Vulcan kit, before and after modification. The arms came from a Revell F-19 Stealth Fighter kit.


   This photo shows the painted pilot figure in the X-1 cockpit with a pencil eraser for scale. The orange arrow points to the legendary broom handle used by Captain Chuck Yeager to lock down the hatch to the aircraft.

Beauty shot
Photographed on location.