3D Images
Experiments in 3-Dimensional Photography

    As a fun sidebar to the building and photographing of scale models, I've experimented with photographing my models (and other things) as 3-Dimensional images. The process involves taking two photographs of a subject, with one image representing the view through the left eye and the other representing the view through the right eye. Each image is then viewed separately through each eye, giving the image a natural appearing perspective and depth. Though not a particularly difficult process, it can at times be a tricky task in making sure that both images are aligned and scaled properly to insure a convincing 3D effect.

    These pages include two basic types of 3D images:
Stereo Pairs

Two distinct and separate images are viewed with each eye focusing on a single image. The eyes must cross to correctly achieve the 3D effect. This is actually easier than it sounds and the effect can be impressive because there's no altering of the original colors.


Stereo Anaglyphs

The two images are each tinted, red for the left eye and blue for the right and then overlapped into a single image. Red/blue "3D Glasses" are required for the proper viewing of these images.


(3D glasses are available for free at Pulltime 3D Laboratories)

For more information and some more cool 3D images,
visit the Optometrists Network 3D Vision Site.